A modern system for managing paid parking zones

CITYSCANNER® is a complete process of an automated system for patrolling and enforcement of parking fees in unguarded paid parking zones.

CITYSCANNER® works by patrolling and automatically scanning the paid parking zone: license plate reading and accurate position recognition. In order to prepare documentation for the enforcement of payments in paid unguarded parking zones in cities.

Recognition of parking vehicles and precise determination of the parking place is possible thanks to the use and combination of technical possibilities offered by high-resolution cameras, lidars and GPS systems. The data containing the measurement results are pre-processed by anonymization and format adjustment, after which they can be sent via network to municipal systems.

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Benefits of the CITYSCANNER® service

The easiest way to talk about the benefits is by looking at specific examples and showing the effects. One of them may be the implementation carried out in Warsaw, the city that launched the project in January 2020.

Thanks to the tests carried out earlier, the project was not very risky. The first tests that was carried out showed a high efficiency of the inspection: two electric cars with the equipment installed were able to identify about 260 vehicles within 10 minutes. For a single controller, it takes an hour on average. In such a large area as the paid parking zone in the capital, foot patrols were able to check only 40% of parking spaces a day, and thanks to only one vehicle with the new solution, each parking lot was checked at least once a day.

Success stories


In the period of 6 months from the launch of the project, 2 cars generated an additional income to the city budget in the amount of 7.5 million PLN.
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Advantages of the solution

Increase in city revenues
Automation of the parking settlement process
Optimization of the parking system in the city
Lower operating costs

CITYSCANNER®. How it works?

Watch a short video clip showing the process of recognizing the registration numbers of vehicles parked in parking zones. MultiSensor Ôäó recognizes license plates of parked cars both perpendicular and parallel. See the video that shows some of the possibilities of CITYSCANNER┬«. On the right corner of the video, you can see a live view of the system that the controller sees on a tablet in the car.


In the case of solutions analyzing visual data, we deal with the collection, storage and analysis of data, including primarily photos and videos. The relevant provisions of the GDPR regulating these issues impose an information obligation that is difficult to implement on the entity conducting these activities, which resulted in the fear of collecting and analyzing this type of visual data.

That is why we developed a solution to anonymize any people and information that can be read as personal data. The anonymizer automatically recognizes people and blurs their images, making it impossible to identify anybody.

Mobile application

The e-controller mobile application complements the CITYSCANNER® system and enables the automation and optimization of the parking zone control process for pedestrian patrols. From now on, foot patrols can check license plates more quickly in areas less accessible to vehicle-installed systems. The collected data is transferred form the app in a form compatible with the CITYSCANNER® system.

The mobile e-control application is an element of the independent paid parking zone control system. Thanks to the use of geolocation, plate recognition algorithm and image analysis, it is able to determine whether it is a domestic or foreign registration. The application is able to correctly recognize the number and provide documentation for payment execution, fully compatible with the CITYSCANNER® system.

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