Diagnosis and construction of a safe work environment

Risk Monitor is a dedicated solution supporting activities in building IT security of institution.
The solution concept is based on two key processes.

  • analysis of the current situation,
  • assessment of the security level of the existing infrastructure as well as the implemented procedures.

Risk Monitor supports small and medium-sized organizations in systematizing the processes of detecting and removing ICT threats.

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Our tool is a virtual information security manager. Areas that we will secure together:

  1. IT security standards
  2. Employee awareness
  3. Risk management procedures
  4. Business Continuity Plan
  5. Supplier verification procedure
  6. Management and supervision of permissions
  7. Authentication/cryptography
  8. Creating and storing backups
  9. Device configuration
  10. Software development
  11. Physical and facility security

Prepare your company for various scenarios by using properly structured processes and procedures. Also, take actions necessary for the efficient elimination of the detected danger.

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What do you gain with RiskMonitor solution

Significant time savings
Easy, intuitive operation
Full consultation support
Professional diagnosis

Benefits of using Risk Monitor solution

When you reach for the Risk Monitor, you employ a dedicated company manager in the area of cybersecurity management, as well as a security auditor – available at any time 24/7.

Thanks to this, you can make an IT security diagnosis (using a dedicated module – RiskScope) on your own and without the need for specialized knowledge. You will prepare your company for various scenarios using properly constructed processes and procedures.

You will also equip your company with an advanced system that automates the process of detecting and removing threats in the area of technological security. It will also take actions necessary for the efficient elimination of the detected danger.

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