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Technologies are more and more often the basis of changes taking place in urban areas – thanks to their use, the designed information exchange systems allow for the collection of data about the city’s resources and its subsequent processing. The use of such solutions brings savings and allows for process optimization.

In order to fully use the potential hidden in the collected data, it is necessary to create a complex ecosystem, the individual ‘layers’ which will be interconnected and interdependent. Smart City will not be created only by launching several innovative systems or applications. What is needed is an integrated, uniform, but open solution that, promoted by the city, will respond to the needs of its users – residents.

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What is a “smart city”? What challenges is it facing? What should be the priority in selecting new technologies?

You can read about how many aspects of the life of its inhabitants can be improved by Smart City and how many opportunities modern technologies are offering in our article “Smart Cities – Challenges and Opportunities”.

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In the period of 6 months from the launch of the project, 2 cars generated an additional income to the city budget in the amount of 7.5 million PLN.
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