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06 Sep 2022

Customer service center

Implementation of a modern Contact Center for an office that handles thousands of inquiries daily.
Implementation of a modern Contact Center for an office that handles thousands of inquiries daily.

One of the main tasks of the Department of Foreigners, the Masovian Voivodeship Office (MUW) is to conduct matters related to the legalization of foreigners’ stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland, including in particular issuing a permit for temporary and permanent residence as well as a work permit.Due to the service of the largest voivodeship in the country, the office accepts hundreds of clients every day.


  • low number of supported telephone connections (only 4%)
  • too long service time for individual customers
  • high volume of inquiries (1,000 per day)
  • multi-lingual support


Most of the office’s needs were addressed by implementing a modern Contact Center as a central system for handling communication between officials and clients. The designed solution, thanks to the use of an advanced IVR system, allowed for the automation of repetitive processes, thus increasing the efficiency of the availability of information on the status of the proceeding or the legalization procedures themselves. Communication channels were also integrated (website forms, e-mail messages, SMSs, telephone calls), thus enabling access from one place to the entire history of information exchange between the clerk and the client. An additional strengthening of the solution, influencing the pace of operation of the working people, was the parallel implementation of a modern internal communication system of the office.


  • 100% successful connection attempts
  • automation of repetitive processes without the involvement of officials
  • accelerated information exchange between employees
  • immediate access to information about clients’ cases
  • faster connection with the appropriate officials thanks to the management of redirects through the IVR system