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11 Oct 2022

What can the terminal learn?

David Loretz
Marketing Director
terminal androidowy Sunmi

One device, many uses

The terminal for accepting credit cards always works the same, whether it is installed in a grocery store, jewelry store, restaurant or when it is held by a courier accepting the payment. But that can change: new devices can offer companies functions tailored to the specifics of their business, streamlining the daily activities of employees, creating a new promotion platform, or even replacing several (!) other devices.

So much for an inconspicuous terminal? Yes and no – because for the device that looks like the Sunmi P2 is hard to say that it is inconspicuous.

The system is the key

Huge, completely new possibilities are mainly due to the system under which terminals such as the Sunmi P2 series work. Unlike ordinary terminals, working on quite old clones of the Unix system, here the Android system is installed on P2 – the same that we know from mobile phones.

The basic function of the Sunmi P2 terminal remains unchanged: the device can accept card payments – read chip cards, magnetic strips and make contactless payments. At the same time, the solutions known to us from smartphones – a large, touchscreen, the possibility of installing applications, webcams, GPS or Bluetooth modules – make the terminals capable of much, much more. The same device can operate completely differently depending on your needs, adapting to the specifics of businesses as diverse as jewelry stores, courier companies, convenience stores and restaurants.

How? Let’s see.

Can a terminal sparkle?

Let’s start with a jewelry store. In such a place, the great advantage is what at first glance distinguishes the Sunmi P2 terminals we offer from the competition at first glance: a large, 5- or 6-inch screen. A screen whose theoretically the basic task is to display messages related to the transaction, but which can be used much more widely. Slides presenting a new jewelry collection or a corporate animation will look great on it, attracting the attention of customers.

The visual strengths don’t stop with the screen size, however. The terminal with a touch screen Sunmi P2 is no longer a massive, clunky “box” device with colorful, not elegant, rubber buttons – it is a slim device with a modern design.

Of course, not only jewelry stores get more shine with an eye-catching terminal. Wherever attractive presence is important – from stylish boutiques, through elegant furniture showrooms, to electronics stores – the terminal can complement the image of the store, instead of contrasting with it.

The design and large screen, however, are just a fraction of the changes that the new generation of P2 devices brings to the world of terminals.

2in1 – is the cash register still needed?

With a barcode and QR reader, the P2 Pro series terminal can also replace a cash register (in the case of the Lite version, it would be necessary to connect an external printer). After the introduction and popularization of e-receipts, such a solution may turn out to be really convenient.

Besides, not only comfortable, but also resistant to possible changes in the law. From an IT point of view, the terminal cash register is just another application that can be downloaded from the MCX Marketplace. And just as the applications in mobile stores such as App Store and Google Play are constantly and automatically updated, the same is with applications for the terminal. You do not have to remember anything, you do not have to call the service – the terminal will ensure that the most recent versions of the application are installed on it.

“Please wait, I’ll go get the terminal?”

The P2-series Android terminals are also great for a restaurant, regardless of whether it works in normal or “pandemic” mode with take-out dishes. There is nothing to prevent the terminal from also having an application that allows taking orders, transferring them to the kitchen, booking and settling tables.

When waiters have such a multifunctional tool in a neat, handy device, they will never have to say “please wait, I’ll go get the terminal” after asking for a form of payment – they will always have it with them.

The terminal device can also help answer any questions about food composition, for example, if you just install the application with a menu – or even open it in the terminal’s web browser. Pictures of dishes that may appear on this occasion can additionally onvince the customer to place an order.

What about takeaways? The built-in GPS module will easily lead the driver to the place of delivery by the fastest route. There, the device will finally be able to fulfill its primary role – accepting payments.

While, of course, it can still be talked about as a primary role.

Terminal on the road

Even more functions can be performed by the terminal in the hands of the courier. You have probably confirmed the receipt more than once by signing your finger on the screen of the courier’s phone – you can use the terminal screen for the same. But it doesn’t stop there: barcode and QR code readers are great for scanning barcodes for incoming and outgoing packages, allowing you to track them online. On the road, GPS navigation and… the telephone function can be invaluable.

Of course, the device has a Bluetooth module to connect to the wireless headphone system: safety is paramount when driving.

Finally, the built-in camera can be used to take pictures to document shipping problems, should they arise.

All in all, it is a certain irony that the theoretically basic function – i.e. accepting payment cards – would probably be performed by the courier’s terminal least frequently 🙂
The Sunmi P2 LITE terminal is durable and resistant to harsh conditions.

The scenarios described above are just a part of the possibilities offered by the Android-based terminal. The limits of its possibilities are determined by the needs of business owners, their creativity and programmers’ abilities. Fortunately, there is no problem with the latter: programming mobile applications is an attractive market segment for IT specialists and there is no shortage of specialists.

So everything is in the hands of entrepreneurs!