Unified Communication (UC)

The smooth flow of information and documents translates directly into the efficient functioning of any organization. With this in mind, many companies invest in modern UC (unified communication) tools that allow not only to exchange files and communicate, but also offer the possibility of connecting colleagues in such a way that hybrid work or from different locations is carried out smoothly and without problems .

Platforms of this type combine a communication tool, integrate with e-mail and electronic calendar, offer the possibility of videoconferencing and much more. Additionally, depending on business requirements, they can be a cloud-based or on-premis solution.

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UC Platform Components:

Phone calls
Planning meetings
Online events
Statistics and reporting
One of the most popular solutions that we recommend to our clients has been designed from the very beginning as a highly developed communication ecosystem. With this concept, all you need is one app for calling, sending documents and messages, videoconferencing, training, teaching and negotiating securely.
  • Real-time translation
  • Gesture recognition
  • Interactive collaboration
  • High transmission quality, noise cut
  • Encryption of connections
  • Conducting live surveys

What are the benefits of implementing a UC solution?

Accessible from multiple devices
Easy circulation of electronic documents
Savings – many functionalities in one tool
Connectivity between locations
Easy streamlining cooperation

Did you know that research conducted in 2021 shows that 77% of users assume the use of hybrid work as a permanent work model? Provide your employees with the right tools for smooth collaboration.

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