NDR Systems

Once an attacker has compromised your network and starts escalating permissions from device to device, your speed is critical to prevent this from happening. It is likely that the criminal has already learned about some of the security measures and has found ways to bypass them.

The best security teams have an NDR system that observes all network communication and is able to detect anomalies and suspicious behavior, thanks to which they improve the security and reliability of LAN / WAN networks and increase the efficiency and shorten the time of incident and breach detection.

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NDR how it works

Network Detection & Respond (NDR) systems provide deep network visibility. Using the most advanced detection techniques available, they protect you – in near real time – against all known and unknown cyber threats to which your network is exposed.

Implemented processes

Network troubleshooting
Event correlation
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Filter and view any data in real time
Proprietary algorithms
Integration with other security elements including: Firewalls, SIEM, SOAR, Active Directory, Web Proxy, NAC
Extensive analysis of user and device behavior
Encrypted traffic analysis
Incident investigation – investigation takes minutes instead of hours or days.
Unique network metrics dataset (Bi-directional flows with 900 parameters and detailed visibility from L2 to L7 for dozens of protocols)
Detect compromised devices, malware, Trojans, data leakage attempts, kerberoasting/scraping/M in M attacks.
Months or years of data history can be easily aggregated and analyzed
Detection based on DPI signatures (updated hourly)
Filtered IPFIX – supported format: LEEF, CEF, syslog, IDEA (via TCP, UDP, SSL, TLS)
Anomalies including unusual data transfers and user behavior, network or application performance issues, and strange network communications.

Benefits of NDR solutions

saving time
quick containment of the attack
filling security gaps
process automation

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