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In most enterprises, the pandemic forced a change of the current stationary model of work to partially or fully remote. These actions, in most cases, are followed by investments in increasing the level of security and tightening the IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs take into account the need to develop awareness of the growing threats among their employees in these activities.

Recent studies show that last year more than 62% of companies experienced phishing or other cyber attacks using sneaky social engineering techniques. The victims of this type of attacks are most often people / employees who are insufficiently informed about the existing threats and possible methods of phishing information.

Take care of training your employees.

Let’s talk about training offer
Regular training

Depending on the level of knowledge and training, employees can either pose a serious threat to the company’s security or become an important first line of defense. The level of knowledge of employees is an important factor in assessing the safety of an enterprise. That is why it is so important that training sessions are conducted on a regular basis, preferably throughout the year.

Each training we provide is preceded by an interview, which allows us to better understand the company’s needs. As a result, the issues raised during the training sessions touch upon the most important problems.

As part of the training, you will expand your and your team’s knowledge of:

  • Fundamentals of ICT security
  • Information security
  • Technique of safe Internet exploration
  • Psychological Aspects of Information Acquisition
How to get cyber-resistance

It is estimated that in 2022 the number of Internet users will reach 75% of the world’s population. Which means that of the world’s population will soon face the risk of a cyber attack.

The key to minimizing the effectiveness of the attacks carried out will be broadly understood network user education. The workshops and thematic training we offer will be an excellent source of knowledge for your employees.

As the specificity of work, the scope of duties and the level of exposure to cyber attacks depends on the role and position held, we have developed dedicated training for individual groups and functions.

  • for boards and management positions
  • for “line” employees
  • for administrators

In addition, we have prepared a number of educational content that can be used as input for company publications and newsletters. The content delivered in this way always contains up-to-date information on new threats and how to minimize them. Thanks to this, employees are able to react to possible incidents on an ongoing basis.

Knowledge base
3-2-1 backup
Implementing the right procedure or developing a backup habit is only half the battle.
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What do you gain with our trainings
Well-prepared employees
Access to the latest knowledge
Better view of threats
Greater resistance to incidents
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