Application for municipalities and cities

The My Neighborhood application is a mobile tool aimed at deepening the relationship between the local government, regional businesses and the local community. Its main purpose is to act as an information center for residents, as well as to facilitate dialogue between residents and local municipal offices through using information from official and reliable sources.

The My Neighborhood application also acts as a virtual market where residents can offer services to their neighbors, sell surplus products and other local wares.

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An easy-to-use communication tool
Promoting local businesses
Reliable source of information
Supporting local communities
Building the image of a modern commune

For municipalities and local governments

A modern tool for deepening the relationship between the government and the local community.

An application dedicated to the public sector that is looking for a solution that helps in communicating with residents.

The administration panel allows to easily manage messages and notifications sent to users.

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For residents

Simple and intuitive Android and iOS mobile application for local residents. The application is completely free and has various functions, including:

  • current messages and news from the commune or city
  • map of medical facilities
  • announcements in the local virtual market
  • designating safety zones for loved ones
  • local waste collection calendar

… and many more.

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See how this simple application can change the way you run your local business, organize your time or plan your activities.

Check how the functionalities included in it will make it easier to deal with various matters in the city where you live.

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