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Smart city

Smart City

Smart Cities of the future

Smart City won’t come to life only by launching a couple, non-connected, although innovative systems or applications. It is necessary to implement an integrated, unified, but still open solution which will satisfy users’ needs. Our concept is to create a single platform for every city – a platform that can become a technological trademark of every city and its heart.

Building an ecosystem based on a central platform allows to collect and aggregate data much easier way, but what's more important also helps to analyse combined data from many industries, forecast and access to wide spectrum of information. Thanks to this approach, the data collected by one institution, combined with data obtained elsewhere, allow for the performance of multi-thematic analyzes that can be used by administrative entities, but often also by the private sector cooperating with them.

  • Economy

    Conditions for innovation and high productivity, a flexible market for employees

  • Transport and communication

    Efficient transport and communication managed and monitored using ICT

  • Environment

    Optimization of energy consumption, energy from renewable sources, recycling, waste management

  • Residents

    As initiators of change in cities, as an internal intelligent decision-making and driving force

  • Quality of life

    Infrastructure, security, rest

  • Smart Management

    Responsible city management, procedures for cooperation of city units, IT systems

Smart Parking

The network of parking meters, terminals and parking ticket counters joined in one management system, as a whole - creates the possibility of comprehensive customer service in the area of generating and regulating fees for paid parking. Smart Parking

Smart Vending

Vending is nothing more than a fully automated form of supplying people with the products they need at the moment. So what is Smart Vending then? Smart Vending

Smart Transport

Public transport is one of many places where the implementation of Smart Solutions will not only benefit passengers directly, but will also turn into profits. Smart Transport

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