Secure Cloud Solution

With us your corporate cloud data will be safe

Using the cloud poses new challenges for IT departments in ensuring security and control. Traditional security systems must be supplemented with new mechanisms that ensure data and application protection in this environment, accessible from anywhere in the world - on your device.

Are you sure your cloud data is secure? Do you monitor access to this data? Do you think standard user identification and authorization is sufficient? Do you control who downloads your documents and when? In order to maintain the highest security, the cloud computing environment needs dedicated solutions for its specificity.

The solutions we offer include access control to cloud computing from any place and device (CASB). Due to the growing popularization of migration of company mail servers to the cloud, we have also focused on effective archiving of emails, enabling the possibility of ultraquick emails recovery


Cloud Application Security Broker - CASB

A system that allows you to control access to managed and unmanaged cloud applications from anywhere and your device. It provides data protection in the cloud using DLP rules, encryption of sensitive data, protection of cloud resources against malware, and company data on BYOD mobile devices.

Archiving mail in the cloud

An email archiving system that allows simple access to the mailbox archive and browsing, downloading, printing or replying to historical messages. The solution offers secure applications for all mobile platforms. In the event of a loss of a mobile device, it allows you to remotely delete company data, and in case of a mistake, to remotely restore them.

  • Control and monitoring

    Security and monitoring of any cloud application
  • Uncompromising access protection

    Agentless and strong cloud access control with zero-trust principle. SSO, MFA, UEBA
  • Data security

    Protection against cloud data leakage (DLP), and loss of emails due to archiving
  • Ultra fast email recovery

    Search for archived emails in less than 1 second, regardless of the amount of data