Discover the highest quality video

Our Videoconferencing service is more than just video and voice. High-quality conference room equipment, the ability to share various types of content, and integration with teamwork tools are just some of its advantages. At the end, what counts is quality, image, sound, no delays in data transmission. It all adds up to our experience, our positive reception and the fact that we do not feel as if we were conducting a meeting at a distance.

Did you experience such type of meeting? If not, we invite you to use our video conferencing service. In order to ensure the best quality of your meetings, we will prepare for you the design of your conference room equipment. Our project in which, in addition to terminals, we will adjust the appropriate sound system, integrating all elements into one easy-to-manage system.

The solutions we offer include video conferencing terminals for equipping video conference rooms with monitors and sound system, as well as virtual, hardware-free video conference rooms offered in the service model.

Video Terminals

Video Terminals

Devices designed for various types of work spaces and end users - such as advanced terminals for groups to conference rooms, simple all-in-one terminals for small spaces, desktop terminals, video telephones, and applications for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones).

Virtual rooms

The perfect solution for teamwork. Virtual meeting areas, chat, file sharing, video conferencing, digital boards - all the most important tools in one secure place with advanced end-to-end encryption. Personal videoconferencing rooms in the cloud provide always-on secure space for multi-sided video conferencing.

  • High video quality

    Advanced HD audio and video - everyone can see and hear each other as if they were in the same room
  • Convenience of use

    The intuitive user interface on every device guarantees easy operation
  • Efficiency

    Improvement of remote meeting with such advanced solutions as speaker-tracking and auto-framing of the speaker, sharing materials, transferring ongoing calls to mobile devices and vice versa
  • Security

    The highest level of AES 128 bit encryption
  • Savings

    Virtual video conference rooms do not require investment from you CAPEX vs OPEX