UC & Collaboration

Distance in communication ceased to matter

The solution combines many communication channels into one easy-to-use platform. A wide range of functionalities allows to increase the comfort, efficiency and flexibility of the company. Employees can communicate with each other internally and outside of the organization in many different ways (mobile phone, landline, laptop, etc.).

What are your experiences in distance communication? Did you attend video meetings that required you to work on one document and it was impossible? Or in online workshops where the teacher drew something on a traditional flipchart, but unfortunately nothing was visible? In order to ensure effective communication and comfortable group work, it is worth using modern UC & Collaboration solutions.

The solutions we offer include multi-channel communication - Unified Communication, and a number of functionalities allowing for an active group work at a distance - Collaboration. These solutions increase the efficiency of team work, especially in organizations with multiple locations, or when some employees work in a remote work model.

Our solutions

Unified Communication

A solution which sets up a multi-channel communication, text (Messaging), voice (telephone) and via video. It enables very comfortable work, allowing the employees to stay in touch via channel that suits them best. When choosing another device, it does not require a second number or account on the platform, just a log in with the data of its virtual user.


The solution is a set of tools for remote group work, which very effectively increases team productivity. It allows to share the desktop or individual applications with other meeting participants, or to make reciprocal changes in the document while discussing it.

Video Contact Center

The solution allows to operate audio-video channels, chat and email directly from the website in communication with the client. Personal contact with the customer is an invaluable but it is also the most expensive communication channel. It can be replaced by implementing an expert remote video service.

  • Savings

    You can save on expensive and time-consuming business travel thanks to the possibility of distance communication
  • Work convenience

    Simple installation of the client's application and system operation. The possibility of integration with Microsoft and Google business applications
  • Work efficiency

    Sharing the desktop or individual applications with participants
  • Synchronization

    One number for all devices (landline phone, PC application, smartphone application)
  • Presence identification

    Thanks to integration with Outlook, the ability to track employee's current availability (statuses)