Energy Trading Platform

Allows owners of distributed energy resources (producers) to conduct transactions in a P2P model. The platform gives consumers the option to buy directly from the producer, regardless of whether it will be a power plant or the nearest neighbour with a surplus energy production from solar panels. The platform allows to create and manage a decentralized electricity trading market, where each of its participants has the option of choosing a counterparty and establishing a direct relationship with it.
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1. InfluxDB
2. Hadoop
3. Spark
4. Kafka


A solution that optimizes existing biogas plants that were built for a single substrate. The system allows to introduce diversified biogas material as well as manage and plan biogas production. That includes: supply chain management and prediction of the level of electricity production. The implemented technology allows to fully utilize the potential of the biogas plant, increase its efficiency (up to 97%), reduce the cost of using the biomass resources even by 30%, while reducing maintenance and service expenses.
+ MeterNET, CityScanner


1. BLE
2. LoRaWAN
3. LTE-M
4. LTE-Cat 1


Mobile recognition of parked vehicles and precise determination of the parking position thanks to the use of technical possibilities offered by high-resolution cameras, LiDAR scanners and GPS. Measurements data is subjected to pre-treatment in order to anonymize information and adjust the format. The system recognizes correctly 95% of car license plates and determines the position of vehicles with an accuracy of a few centimeters. Within the first 6 months from the launch of the project, two cars generated an additional income of 7.5 mln PLN to the city budget.
+ SmartPlant, Energy Trading Platform


1. SparkML
2. Cognitive services
3. Databricks
4. Tensorflow

My Neighborhood

A mobile tool aimed at deepening the relationship between local government, local businesses and the local community. Its main goal is to be an information centre for residents and also to facilitate dialogue between residents and local municipal offices with information from official and reliable sources. In addition, the application serves a role of a virtual marketplace where residents can offer their neighbours services, produce surpluses and other local products.
+ Payment Platform, CityScanner, MeterNet, Payment Application


1. React Native
2. iOS
3. Android

Payment platform

An advanced payment solution based on a complex business architecture that allows for the integration of third-party solutions. The platform comes with a wide range of modern devices, mobile terminals working on Android operating system. They not only process payments, but also come with additional functions which simplify daily work of a seller, for example: NFC and RFID card reader, 1D and 2D code scanner. ​​The entire ecosystem is complemented by an application store, which can be accessed directly from the device.
+ Energy Trading Platform, My Neighborhood


1. Node-Red
2. Mqtt
3. Amqp

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