Software House

Software House

Safety first:


Security for us is a priority and necessity, so we implement it in all our activities, from coding to system maintenance.

What we offer:

It is not important to us whether you are a private person, you represent a startup or a corporation. If you have an idea for an IT solution - we can help you create it and present it to the world! We will support its implementation to the extent you need - providing the selected stage of the project or constructing it from concept, through planning, design, development, testing, implementation, to "premiere" and maintenance. We want to create both modern and functional products so that their use is intuitive for the end user. We approach each cooperation individually to always provide a solution that addresses specific needs of our client.

How do we work:

Our development team consists of architects, software engineers, testers and Scrum Masters. We focus on the continuous improvement of our specialists. We create and develop modern applications that meet even the highest expectations of our customers. We operate in the Scrum methodology, which allows us to work on the projects in an agile and flexible way.

What we specialize in:

- We create web applications
- We carry out solution integration processes
- We collect and analyze data.
- We program IoT, PLC and Edge solutions
- We build systems that use AI and ML
- We design and create business systems

What technologies we use:

See what technologies we specialize in and check what services we can provide you.

- InfluxDB, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka + streams
- Node-Red, Mqtt, Amqp
- SparkML, Cognitive services, Databricks
- C ++, RUST, LoRaWAN, Lte-M
- React Native, iOS, Android

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