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Smart Vending

Smart solutions for purchasing products and services

The basic idea of a vending machine is usually a "machine selling coffee or bars", but the possibilities of the machines do not end there. Let's start with the fact that in today's world, machines sell not only food products, but also electronic gadgets, cosmetics, e-cigarettes, shoe protectors and many other products. However, if we realize that vending means the distribution of goods and services by means of machines, then we will expand the spectrum to include such devices as parking meters, ticket vending machines, parcel machines, self-service car washes, electric car chargers, photographic points, etc.

The world is moving towards process automation, and the development of the vending industry fits this trend perfectly.

Additional benefits.

In addition to enabling cashless payments in self-service devices, the solution brings a number of additional amenities. Among them we will find: unattended payment possible 24 hours a day, payment with all cards available in Poland, no problems with receiving and securing cash, lower cost of handling payments than with cash transactions, no need to have small items in the national currency, less fraud (responsibility for transactions are borne by the bank), less risk of vandalism, speed and ease of use

Payments in self-service devices

Apart from market trends and the general increase in popularity of cashless payments in trade, the installation of payment terminals in vending machines leads to an increase in turnover (regardless of the industry). On the other hand, considering the specificity of the vending market, investment in payment terminals is a fairly expensive operation. And when we add rigid commissions to operators, the return on investment significantly shifts in time.

The Smart Vending solution is a partial remedy for these issues. It includes a reliable payment application for self-service terminals based on the Payment Gateway environment, thanks to which it is possible to adapt it to work on various hardware platforms, among others devices from manufacturers such as Ingenico and VeriFone.

This solution allows accepting cards of all systems (among others: Visa, MasterCard, Amex) and with all merchants in Poland. The devices can accept cards in all technologies: contactless, magnetic stripe and chip, as well as payments by BLIK, applePay or GPay.

The customer receives a complete solution tailored to the device together with the terminal management system (TMS), telemetry, a dedicated portal and technical support.