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Along with the popularization of cashless payments, they enter further areas of our life and activity, and public transport seems to be the ideal industry where they find practical application. MCX offers comprehensive and innovative solutions in the field of intelligent payment systems in public transport.

Check-in/Check-out Model

While getting in and out of the vehicle, passengers tap their cards against the terminal. The same applies to fare zones on the underground. The amount that is debited from the passenger’s account is calculated at the end of each day, based on all taps registered in the central computer (and saved in the on-board computer).

Benefits for passengers

  • Daily/Weekly Capping

    during the day / week the passenger will not be charged an amount higher than the equivalent of a day / week ticket
  • Best Price Principle

    the passenger is charged the minimum amount that can be calculated based on the current tariff
  • Ease of use

    no need to have knowledge about the tariff in a given city, very helpful for tourists

First in Poland and one of the first in Europe.

The solution has been implemented in trains of Kleje Mazowieckie on validators with an integrated payment card reader. When getting on, the passengers no longer need to buy tickets – instead, they pay their fares by just tapping their payment cards against the reader. A completed sales transaction is registered in the vehicle’s on-board computer; as a result, it may be downloaded and verified on the inspector’s device. In this unique solution, the passenger’s payment card takes on the role of a ticket.

Standard Model

Inside of public transport vehicle, are installed contactless card payment terminals. The passenger chooses the type of tariff and pays by bringing closer the payment card to the validator with the payment terminal. The on-board computer installed in the vehicle saves the information in the form of a token, i.e. a secure number that replaces the card number.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is an innovative platform created to facilitate business operations for entities involved in the process of cashless payments acceptance Payment Gateway

Smart Parking

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