Smart city

Smart Parking

Project assumptions

When building this solution, we were inspired to create an IT system that supports modern payment methods with flexible and configurable selection of payment methods using a network of parking meters, terminals installed at entry and exit gates, and parking ticket counters. The project will create a modern system that minimizes the costs associated with printing and handling paper tickets in parking lots.

Additional benefits

In addition to enabling non-cash payments in self-service devices, the solution brings a number of additional amenities. Among them we will find: unattended payment possible 24 hours a day, payment with all cards available in Poland, no problems with receiving and securing cash, lower cost of handling payments than with cash transactions, no need to have small items in the national currency, less fraud (responsibility for transactions are borne by the bank), less risk of vandalism, speed and ease of use


The network of parking meters, terminals and parking ticket counters joined in one management system, as a whole - creates the possibility of comprehensive customer service in the area of generating and regulating fees for paid parking. The combination of these systems and their integration with modern payment methods available on the market gives the opportunity to create a unique and attractive system for the customer, enabling them to meet their needs in this area in one place.

From the system manager's point of view, the solution being built is a compact and non-distributed source of information about services rendered and paid. In addition, the complexity of the solution is an incentive for the end customer, which may translate on the one hand into a more complete use of services (additional benefits of combining and handling payments), on the other, into a stronger bond between the customer and the service provided by offering a number of additional benefits (discounts, loyalty programs, etc.).

The use of the modern Check-in / Check-out model used so far in solutions for urban transport will increase the attractiveness and innovation of the solution and significantly improve the capacity of entries and exits to parking lots. The reduction of the use of printed paper tickets will significantly reduce the system maintenance costs, allowing you to eventually opt out of printers or ticket code readers.

System functionalities

The check-in operation (bringing the payment card closer to the reader) at the entrance gate allows you to quickly enter the customer into the parking lot without having to collect a parking ticket. The check-out operation on the exit gate (bringing the same payment card closer to the reader) transmits information about the desire to leave the parking lot to the parking system. At the same time, the customer is informed of the amount that will be collected for parking. Acceptance consists in bringing the card closer to the reader. We can drive...

Main advantages

The applied check-in / check-out model assumes the use of a payment card token as the unique identifier of the vehicle owner using the parking space. Below are some selected advantages:

  • Economic benefits

    The card system as a parking ticket does not require paper tickets, as a result it reduces the consumption of printed paper tickets allowing to significantly reduce the costs of maintaining the system and even ultimately give up printers or ticket code readers
  • Security

    Payment systems operate based on the global VISA and MasterCard standards. Transaction processing is carried out in PCI DSS certified systems
  • Convenience

    The ticket carrier is a payment card or smartphone with a payment function - simple and intuitive to use "payment tools", thanks to which the system significantly improves the capacity of entries and exits.

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