Mitel solutions

Comprehensive telecommunication solution

As a Mitel partner we assist in tailoring telecommunication solutions which will cater to business’ individual needs depending on the size of the company and the line of business. Our portfolio comprises of tools for group remote work online, customer service and professional telephone equipment.

We implement each project with a focus on connection reliability in order to provide the end client with a high quality service.

MiVoice Office 400

A modern solution tailor-made for small and medium-sized companies. MiVoice Office 400 is a professional tool for the travel industry, shops, care centers, etc. It facilitates communication between employees and performing administrative tasks. The modular solution allows to adjust the package to the current size and profile of the business. The offer includes a customer service center, chat, operator stations, mobile functions and telephony - all components integrate with the call manager.

MiVoice 5000

A communication solution that allows for real-time remote collaboration and operation of the hotline. MiVoice 5000, depending on the company's needs, allows to record calls, issue invoices or encrypt calls. It can be based on local infrastructure or operate in the cloud. The 5000 package will be perfect for companies whose priority is security and reliability of connectivity. Mitel technology also allows for full integration with external vendor solutions. This system is characterized by the highest quality of calls in all, even demanding, conditions.

MiVoice Connect

One interface connecting communication and remote work tools with the telephony system. Finding contacts in the organization, messaging, video calls, remote conferences all take place within the same app. This product does not require building an infrastructure, and users can smoothly use the system on multiple devices - stationary and mobile. MiVoice Connect has numerous extensions and applications that can be used by sales, administration or customer service departments depending on their business profile. Ease of use and navigation are appreciated by the users of the application.

MiVoice Business

MiVoice Business provides a comprehensive telecommunications solution for companies that also operate in multiple locations. It replaces the need to use the services of separate suppliers. Mitel telephone technology allows to redirect calls, identify numbers, and simultaneously inform about an incoming call on a fixed and mobile phone. The product range includes consoles, softphones, stationary phones and other accessories. The system management platform facilitates IT or administration departments in operational activities.


Everything the business needs in one tool to facilitate remote work. MiCollab provides software that will address every communication need of an enterprise. The solutions enables to optimize productivity, because the employees no longer need to switch multiple times between different application in order to complete their tasks. In just one app they will make phone calls, conduct video meetings, chat, collaborate and share documents. The exchanges are frictionless which makes remote work effective regardless of the employee’s location.