Why should you choose our telecommunication solutions?

• We are a Polish company with 30 years of experience supporting businesses in the area of specialized ICT services • As experts in our field, we have an extensive competence base • We manage the project at every stage. We fully design, implement and support the maintenance of the solutions offered

MCX a reputable partner

Communication is the basis for well-functioning business and institutions. In the fast pacing world remote communication is becoming a requirement and a safety measure. MCX as a reputable partner for Cisco and Mitel delivers phone and video communication solutions tailored to individual needs of every company. Our clients include small, medium and large businesses, as well as government agencies. We provide extensive service for hospitality industry, offices and commerce.

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Effective communiaction is the key to success

Thanks to Cisco Webex solutions, communication in your organization will become modern and effective. We help you choose the equipment and application tailored to your needs. The tools we offer include terminals for equipping videoconference rooms with monitors, microphones and sound systems, as well as virtual, hardware-free communication platforms offered in the service model. In order to ensure the best quality of meetings, we will design an individual equipment plan for each conference room. We will prepare a project in which, in addition to the terminals, we will adjust the appropriate sound system, finally integrating all the elements into one, easy-to-manage system. Our virtual Cisco Webex solutions will support customer service, allow for remote training and provide work tools for scattered teams, while maintaining high quality and security standards.

Why should you choose our telecommunication solutions?

• Data security is our highest priority • Thanks to an experienced team of experts we have proven solutions in telecommunications • We focus on reliability and flexibility in our projects.

Telecom for business

Healthcare, as well as retail, service and tourism industries are struggling with challenges caused by the dispersion of numerous employees or the multitude of facilities. Our telecommunications solution allows to increase the mobility of employees and support communication without compromising their efficiency. Mitel products are proven tools for immediate and constant communication used by companies and institutions around the world. As MCX understands the dynamics of business, we focus on the scalability of solutions that can be increased without interruptions depending on  the company's needs. We adjust the offer to the requirements and implement the entire project on site.

Cisco Webex

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