Risk management

You can secure your business by effectively anticipating the risk

The fight against cyber crime based solely on responding to hacker attacks is not a fully effective defense. Waiting for emerging threats and reacting only at the time of the attack reduces the effectiveness of the defense. It is worth taking action before the onset of the attack.

Do you know the weakness points of your IT environment? Did you know that they are the most likely targets for attacks in enterprises? In order to provide proper protection against cyber attacks, it is worth focusing your actions on areas of vulnerability with a high level of risk. How? Choosing high-class vulnerability management solutions.

Our solutions include vulnerability scanning, threat analysis and prediction systems. These solutions limit the unnecessary patches, enabling you to find the most effective options to avoid threats.


Vulnerability scanner

A solution provides information on the state of network vulnerability, and predicts possible threats. The systems informs on the state of compliance with regulations, IT standards or the best practice operating in the organization. The solution also has the functionality of automatic notifications in case of detected vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability management system

The system is focused on eliminating those vulnerabilities that are most likely to be explored in an attack. Reduces unnecessary patching by finding network mitigation methods. Sets priorities based on context. It automates vulnerability management tasks by transforming results into useful information about the need to patch only the most critical gaps.

  • Predictability

    In case of a system vulnerability, our solution takes preventive actions to eliminate such risk
  • Effectiveness

    Full visibility of weaknesses in every aspect of the network and of all devices
  • Ongoing risk assessment

    Constant access to information regarding business risk related to the current state of network
  • Automation

    Automate tasks throughout the entire security vulnerability management process. Automation transforms gathered data into contextual information in order to take action
  • Reporting

    Continuous notification of detected incidents to promptly start remedial actions