Mobile Terminal

Platform for Android terminals

Services, mobile points of sale, suppliers, trade - each agency faces many technological challenges. Sellers use multiple devices to handle customer transactions - cash and cashless, to print a receipt, to process loyalty or subscription cards. MCX meets the needs of enterprises and offers new solutions – Android terminals and application store.

The multifunctional mobile device is a part of customized MCX Platform based on an open system commonly known from smartphones. It is also a wide range of modern devices, mobile terminals with Android enabling payments, as well as many additional functions facilitating the work of a modern seller, such as: virtual cash register, NFC and RFID card reader, 1D and 2D code reader.

Find out more about three versions of Sunmi terminal on <a href="https://mcx.pl/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/SunMi-specyfikacje-techniczne.pdf" target="_blank">datasheet</a>

Sunmi Terminal

MCX in cooperation with the supplier of the hardware solution - Sunmi, has created an ecosystem for the management and operation of devices, as well as for payment processing. In addition, it provides an application store where customers will find customized industry solutions and universal tool applications, making the terminal a convenient device for work. From now on, one device is enough, which can become a courier terminal, a mobile POS for HoReCa, a warehouse terminal, a code reader with a printer function, a telephone, a proximity card reader, a cash register and a payment terminal in one, light and handy casing.


  • Safety

    Trusted supplier with certified PCI DSS solution
  • Versatility

    Supports multiple languages and international standards
  • Tokenization, virtualization

    Linking additional services to customers' payment cards – loyalty program, entry pass etc.
  • Independence

    Flexibility with a choice of the acquirer
  • Cost reduction

    Transfer of the entire logistics and service process to one supplier