Payments and terminals

MCX as an experienced payment market participant in Poland provides full logistic service, including: • Warehouse and delivery assistance • Terminal service • User technical support

Modern payment solutions

MCX is a payment expert due to many years of experience and a dedicated team of specialists. We offer our clients both terminals for self-service devices and multifunctional mobile terminals which run on the Android system. Familiarize yourself with our offer and we will help you increase your revenues by facilitating the processing of cashless transactions.

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Android Terminal

Mobile Sunmi terminal working on Android operating system, which includes a wide range of additional functionalities such as a printer, code reader or cash register. In addition, MCX Platform allows integration with custom applications and industry solutions.

iSelf DUO Terminal

Two-module configuration terminal for self-service devices such as vending machines, parking metres, car wash stations, petrol stations. The solution provides simple and easy to use client interface. iSelf series is resistant to hard and varied environmental conditions to which self-service devices located outside are subjected.

Mobile Terminal

Android-based, fully functional mobile computers combining the best features of an open system platform with the latest hardware developments. Mobile Terminal

Self-service Terminal

ISelf DUO series terminal designed for cashless payments with a payment application for self-service devices. Self-service Terminal