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Payment Gateway

Product characteristics

Payment Gateway is an innovative platform, created to facilitate activities for entities involved in the process of adopting to non-cash payments, such as: financial institutions, acquirers, Added Value Service providers, and banks.

The unique quality of this system is the possibility of integration between paying devices of different class, and systems of the billing agent. For the Payment Gateway, support is foreseen for devices from Ingenico, Verifone and Bluebird and more.

Payment Gateway is a flexible solution, providing differentiated services developed with the increase in activities such as: transaction authorization between multiple acquirers, loyalty programs, recurring payments, and electronic top-ups.

Product Features

The basic functionality of the Payment Gateway solution is the integration between different classes of payment devices (attended and unattended payment terminals, PIN Cash pads, mPOS, etc.) and the Acquire Agent systems to carry out the process of authorization of a payment transaction and then to settle transactions carried out on a given business day.

  • Flexibility and independence

    Joining our Payment Gateway gives independence from the used hardware platform and freedom in choosing the optimal offer for cashless payments.
  • Ease of use

    The intuitive infrastructure management system enables practically unlimited development and implementation of new solutions.
  • Security

    Payment Gateway has been designed in such a way, to meet the highest security demands and the good practices described in documentation and standards: PCI DSS, PCI PIN Security Requirements, PCI P2PE, PCI Tokenization Product Security Guidelines, Standards of payment organizations: VISA/MasterCard.

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