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About the Group

The history of our Group is the story of people who create it and the changing times - from 1988 until today, thanks to the use of new technologies, we are building a better and more friendly world. Over 30 years of developing modern technologies in Poland and abroad, experience in building relationships with partners from the private and public sectors, over 250 specialists involved in the areas of Smart City, Software, Cybersecurity and UC & Collaboration.

We have completed a number of nationwide, European and global projects. Our extensive experience in cooperating with large organizations with an extensive structure allows us to achieve our goal of supporting clients in their development, building competitive dominance in the market, and increasing operational efficiency. The products and services we offer are always adapted to the needs and scale of business. We develop dedicated solutions for clients in the banking and finance sectors, retail trade, public transport, local governments, uniformed services, medicine, and energy.


MCX Group Companies:


President of the Board: Piotr Wiśniewski

Vice President of the Board: Dariusz Rosiński


President of the Board: Witold Wilmański

MCX Systems

President of the Board: Piotr Mechliński

Vice President of the Board: Bartłomiej Rusiniak

MCX Serwis

Member of the Board: Robert Hadło

How we understand CSR?

The way how we build and conduct business has always been important to us. A really strong company can be built only thanks to the passion and commitment of employees, but also the trust of business partners and high-quality services provided to clients. Bearing this in mind, we do not forget about our surroundings in a social and environmental context.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Caring for reasonable use of natural resources, security and the future - these are the topics we engage in on a daily basis. We are aware of the challenges related to responsibility for the planet, which is why we care for an ecological perspective in every aspect of our business - from energy-saving habits, through supplying the office with renewable energy, to the development of modern energy.

HEALTH AND FAMILY – It is the employees who create our company, which is why their health and well-being are very important to us. Each team member is entitled to the medical package, regardless of the position. In addition, regular non-wage benefits, from which everyone can choose something for themselves. We participate in the Two Hours for Family campaign of the Humanities Foundation, in which we finish work earlier to celebrate the International Family Day with our loved ones. But we also remember about the importance of living outside the office every day, which is why we are flexible in determining working hours and we offer home offices.

CHARITY ACTIONS – We regularly engage our employees in helping those in need and for environmental protection. We want a sense of responsibility and seeing others to be a natural perspective in our company. Follow our social media to find out more!

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