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Every day, we try to make our company not only a workplace, but an important part of everyone's life. Sometimes against the tide, but always with the awareness that what we do builds a better and more friendly world. MCX is a place for modern, committed and aware people of contemporary challenges. We know that behind our successes is the work of all team members - because they are the company's greatest value. That is why we care for them every day:

• There is no such thing as"I don't like Monday” at our company, this is why we start the week with fresh fruit - just in time for the difficult start of the week.
• On Tuesdays - everyone has good ideas- this is probably because of the injection of vitamins.
• Wednesdays surprises us every time
• Thursdays are mobilization days before Friday.
• And on Fridays we can't wait for the Monday!

Do you want to know our secret? We just like each other!
MCX is a team of over 250 specialists, who have been involved in the development of the modern technologies sector for years. We are constantly developing, employing product owners, solution architects, C ++, Java, .NET, Python software developers, developers, UI / UX designers, security admins, testers, cyber security engineers and business communication solutions. Maybe you are the one we are looking for.

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