Identity and access rights management

The security of your systems begins with the user

An extensive application environment is a reality for most organizations. The multiplicity of systems results in a long list of users with many accesses. An extensive company structure, employee turnover, new projects appearing all the time - all this makes user management a big challenge for the company.

What does it look like in your company? Is your IT department able to provide you with a report on hand of all users who have access to your systems? Are you sure that all access of the leaving employee is immediately blocked? And how long does it take to make the right systems available to new employees? Identity and user access management systems respond to these and many other needs related to company data security.

The solutions we offer include the possibility of comprehensive control and access monitoring to the application environment in the company. In dynamically changing organizations, services such as managing access rights for users with standard permissions (ARM) or privileged (PAM), as well as handling the login process and managing user data (IAM) are very important tools supporting data security.


Access rights management - ARM

A solution designed to help IT administrators and security departments to provide, manage and control user access rights. Thanks to this, systems and other resources (files) can be protected from the potential risk of data breach or loss.

Identity management system - IAM

A system that allows automation in the management and authentication of users logging in. The solution makes it possible to achieve consistency of user identity in the entire IT infrastructure. In addition, this system monitors data that is processed by users, so that they can be even better protected.

  • Control and monitoring

    Full control and protection of access rights to all company data
  • Automation

    Automation and distribution of IT tasks related to identity and access rights
  • Synchronization

    User data identity consistency in the entire IT systems infrastructure
  • Data security

    Full monitoring of data processing by monitored users
  • Operation history

    Saving the issued commands in the system and the ability to easily recreate administrative activities in any period of time