25 Aug 2022

Welliot at the zoo’s event

The Welliot team supported the event – Dream Evening at the ZOO, organized on August 26 by the Children’s Fantazja Foundation. This cyclical event was organized for the 18th time. The opportunity to help gave us even more energy to act! Our Welliot dib on a new, ergonomic and stable stand provided constant access to the plan of the entire Zoo and information about the event, while Welliot City displayed the prediction of a nearby tram ride and improved communication with event visitors. We invite you to the photo report, where you can see how our technology works with the youngest and adult users. The August sun made us sure that our screens not only look good, but are also very readable even in bright daylight. The screens have gained a positive reception among the Zoological Garden Authorities, who see great potential and the possibility of adapting Welliot solutions in their area.