Passenger information board

Electronic paper technology that allows to create in an ecological and efficient way any messages for the public communication passengers. The e-paper timetable consists of two waterproof screens (13.3 ″), controlled by a central system. It informs passengers about important messages and vehicle arrival prediction thanks to GPS technology.

Each change of content no longer requires a duty officer, it is done remotely and automatically. The board supports several languages, making the city more tourist-friendly.

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Reduced information update time
Modern design
Ecological technology
Real-time prediction
How does an e-paper timetable work?

The screen works in extreme temperatures, from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C. E-paper timetable consist of two screens, each 13.3 ” in size and they can be updated with the use of a central system or an external source of information selected by the client.

With a 12V power supply, e-ink screens can also use energy from twilight light (e.g. street lamps). The solution can also use solar panels located, for example, on the roof of the bus stop, which will produce enough energy for the screens to change information throughout the night, once a minute.

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Implementation in the Warsaw Trams

The emergence of electronic timetables at tram stops in Warsaw has replaced manual work on site with a centralized process of managing and updating timetables for each tram line in a computer system.

Learn the details of the implementation and read our case study.

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Welliot City at tram stops in Warsaw
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