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Masovian Railways: Modern Solution to Modern Problems

The customer's need

Masovian Railways (Koleje Mazowieckie) is a Polish rail passenger company that transports enough people to make them the second-largest carrier in the country. In 2018 alone the number of passengers reached almost 60 million travelers. For some time, the company has been on the lookout for solutions to help passengers facilitate the payment process. The solution was not only to accelerate the purchase of the ticket, but was to become an alternative to already market-proven ticket vending machines and traditional ticket offices. In addition, it had to be an open platform enabling further expansion and introduction of new functionalities.

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is an innovative platform, created to facilitate activities for entities involved in the process of adopting to non-cash payments, such as: financial institutions, acquirers, added Value Service providers, and banks.


The proposed solution was built based on the Payment Gateway platform with integrated Pidion mobile terminals.

The launch of contactless payments at Pidion is the first solution of this type in Central Europe. A passenger traveling on the Koleje Mazowieckie can now buy a ticket onboard the train from the service/conductor and pay by credit card. The implemented solution significantly reduces check-in time not only due to the limited cash turnover but mainly due to the short time of performing the operation, especially when the transaction is contactless.

The mobile cash registers used now allow for authorized transactions, i.e. those using a PIN code, and those not requiring authorization, which has recently gained popularity due to the speed and availability of this service.

The first this type implementation in Europe

"In our opinion, this is the largest project of this type in Europe. I am glad that during the work on launching the system we had the opportunity to participate in substantive discussions on the optimization of certain processes on the side of such an important carrier, while keeping in mind the trends in transport" - a statement from a representative of MCX, a payment application provider for Koleje Mazowieckie.

  • Convenience

    time savings for passengers, best fare plans for passengers
  • Economic advantages

    no need to print a ticket: a “green” solution, increase of revenue - fewer passengers travelling without valid tickets
  • Modernity

    access to the statistical data on passenger traffic volume, transaction data security due to tokenization

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is an innovative platform created to facilitate business operations for entities involved in the process of cashless payments acceptance Payment Gateway